Affiliate Statement

Casino Bonus Bob conducts online casino reviews and casino bonus reviews. The site itself is not an online casino and is not responsible for anything that might occur on the casino sites.

All reviews are conducted independently. However, it is worth noting that the website is supported by affiliate payments made by the casinos that we review. We receive a fee from casinos when we send them new players. You might think that this could impact our impartiality but that’s not the case.

Our experience means that we know what makes a great No Deposit Bonus and what makes an outstanding Free Spins No Deposit bonus. And we love value Mobile Casino bonus offers as we all the best Free Spins Bonuses.

And we are not influenced by any potential payments. If we send you to poor casinos then you won’t trust us in the future. And if you are treated badly by a dodgy casino then we are also likely to be treated badly by them too.

The commission structure of our fees means that we rely on repeat players. And players are only loyal and stick with casinos for the long-term if they are happy. So we want you to be happy.

It’s for these reasons that we have some strict criteria for our online casino bonus reviews.

Online Casino Reviews

The first thing that we consider when we review a casino or bonus offer is the gambling licence.

We will only recommend online casinos that hold a UK Gambling Commission licence to UK players. This increases the likelihood that the casino is reputable, fair and honest. Which means that withdrawing funds is very, very unlikely to be a problem. It also means that the games that you are playing are checked to be fair and honest.

The next thing that we consider is the way that players are treated by the casino. Players deserve respect. They deserve to be treated like customers. As a result, we always consider customer service as a very important factor.

We then look at the terms of each offer. This means that we carefully consider the terms and conditions attached to each bonus. We look at the wagering requirements and balance the offers against those available at other casinos.

Finally, we take a look at the casino functionality. We look at the website look and feel. And we also consider how the casino works on different devices. So the way the casino functions on a desktop computer, laptop, mobile or tablet device forms is always included as part of our reviews.

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